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Women in Iran’s music scene

The effects of sexism in Iran’s music scene through the eyes of female Iranian musicians At first glance, segregation and gender discrimination in the music scene, as a human – cultural and social phenomena that affects the entire society, might seem a non-important and imaginary issue. Throughout the entire history of human evolution, music has…

Musical Identity Crisis of the Confused Generation in Iran

In the past decades Iran has gone through several social, cultural and ethical changes including constant changes in the policies regarding music production, education and performance. Aida Khorsandi is a musician and music instructor who considers herself as belonging to a confused generation of young Iranians. She tells us about the effects of Iran’s social changes on her…

Infants and the musical beat

If you are living in a big family, or you just adore children, you might have noticed some of these phenomena: • Infants pay attention to the music on TV. • Everybody talk to infants like a Soprano Opera Singer, in a high pitch and with exaggerated expressions. • Infants attentively react to these types…


What do we think of music education?

To this day, music education is not a mandatory part of the educational curricula in schools around the world. However, it differs from one country to another; it has a more active role in the European education system where children can ‘choose’ to learn and play music if they wish to. Music professionals and teachers…

تاریخچه روانشناسی موسیقی (۱): فلسفه تجربی و روانشناسی آکوستیک

      نوشتن از تاریخچه ی روانشناسی موسیقی فراتر از انتظار من رفت. باتوجه به پیشینه ی مطالعاتی که داشتم به جستجو برای مطالب مرتبط و دانشمندان مختلف پرداختم و در نهایت به این نتیجه رسیدم که بحث “تاریخچه” در مبحثی بین رشته ای چون روانشناسی موسیقی بسیار گسترده و از هر سو به…

موسیقی چیست؟

موسیقی چیست؟ چه نقشی در زندگی ما دارد؟ انسان چگونه موسیقی را به اصطلاح اختراع و ابداع کرده ست و چرا؟ چرا موسیقی به عنوان پدیده ای انسانی، فریبنده، جاذب و گریزناپذیر می نماید؟ آیا وجود موسیقی در زندگی و تکامل انسان “ضروری” بوده و هست یا انسان اولیه صرفن به عنوان سرگرمی و خالی…